Blog CALCULATOR: WhatsApp vs Emails... It's not about cost. It's about Conversions!


While WhatsApp vs Email is drawing parallels with DC vs MCU, we've tried to break it down to the last detail to provide you with a comprehensive takeaway.

Let's go!

To start with, is WhatsApp slowly replacing emails?

For years emails have been a go-to tool to reach your subscribers. The flexibility and the range of content shared cant get better via emails.

From newsletters to transactional emails, product updates, and drip series - emails have been undisputed kings so far.

But do remember, WhatsApp is slowly catching up in recent years. Especially with B2C brands, emails are seeing some significant drop in engagement levels.

Reason? WhatsApp is slowly taking its place.

Compared to 2012, average WhatsApp usage has gone up by 13 times. Meaning, if someone opened their WhatsApp only once a day in 2012, high chance they are opening 13 times in 2023.

Astonishing growth. And this has come at email's cost. Given WhatsApp's low barrier and high conversational nature - customers readily opt for it over emails.

Is WhatsApp marketing costly?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: No

Let me explain.

When it comes to emails, you only need to pay for the platform.

But for WhatsApp, the cost can be broken down into two:

  1. WhatsApp marketing platform cost
  2. Per message cost*

(*based on your customer's geography, your per-message cost varies)

Of course, as I said, emails may look like a cheaper option.

But the cost is not the only measure here. Conversion is.

WhatsApp or email, conversion is the ultimate reason we use such channels.

Breaking this down further, data shows that conversion rates are not only higher on WhatsApp, but the cost per conversion is much much cheaper too.


  1. WhatsApp's average open rates are 80% compared to email's meager 18% (sometimes 15% depending on your industry)
  2. Email CTR sloths around 2% while WhatsApp is already in double digits

In the below example, even if we assume the same conversion rates for WhatsApp and email, the revenue generated is worlds apart.

(do note, in reality, WhatsApp conversion rates are at least 3 times higher than emails)

Even the cost-per-conversion is cheaper on WhatsApp.

10x more powerful than emails. Literally…

Instead of us explaining, check it out for yourself. Simply plug in your existing e-mail stats and tada… G

C'mon, emails are dying slowly. And WhatsApp in 2023 is what email was like in the early 2000s.

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