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Go beyond standard WhatsApp Messages

Beautiful engaging content to keep your subscribers hooked

Share rich media posts, intereactive stories and conversational messages to educate, build trust and generate interest for your products or services.

Craft a perfect post

Share updates, announcements or exciting product releases in the form of rich media posts. Embed videos, images or documents and make your posts stand out for your audience.

Stunning, interactive stories

Share updates and product catalogs in the form of interactive stories. Just drag and drop images to create stories in minutes. Use our story editor to make your stories perfect.

Make newsletters a 2-way engagement channel

Allow your subscribers to like or reply to your posts. See reactions to your posts, reply to their queries all from Peach's inbox. Make your content conversational and see replies land in your inbox in minutes.

And the best part..

No more waiting for template approvals

If you've launched broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp, then you know this pain. With Peach, get your templates approved once, and launch campaigns instantly.

Fewer template approvals

Share engaging content without template approvals. No more delays due to review process.

Schedule Deliveries

Launch campaigns instantly, or schedule them to be delivered precisely at the right time of your choosing.

Batch Deliveries

Need to send to subscribers beyond your account send limit? Queue your issues to be delivered in batches spread across multiple days.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics on campaigns. Re-target your subscribers based on their engagement for your previous posts.

Start building your audience on WhatsApp today.

Engage your audience on the channel they prefer the most.

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