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Customer Journeys on WhatsApp

Transform your customer’s buying experience

Build an audience by signing up subscribers from your website and effortlessly share personalized content with them.
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Automatically recover abandoned carts by helping customers complete their purchase or gather valuable feedback on reasons for non-purchase.
Post-purchase Engagement
Keep customers on the loop with order updates, shipping notifications, and more, all through WhatsApp.
Customer Support
We offer chatbots and real-time customer support, ensuring quick responses to inquiries and problem resolution.

Scale your eCommerce business by acquiring and retaining customers effortlessly

54% of users prefer to have marketing communications and order updates on WhatsApp.

Lower cost of acquisition

Reduces customer acquisition costs through personalised communication, eliminating the need for expensive marketing campaigns. With a 58% open rate and 15% click-through rate, businesses on WhatsApp experience significant conversion rate improvements.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Facilitates customer engagement, feedback collection, and timely reminders to nurture enduring relationships. Exclusively WhatsApp-based businesses enjoy a 68% repeat customer rate.

Shopify Integration

Bring your shopify store to WhatsApp

One click Shopify integration, opening up a world of possibilities.

One-click setup
Out of the box post purchase engagement
COD Confirmation
Website Chat Button
Virtual stores on WhatsApp

Out of the box Integrations with products you depend on

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