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Virtual stores on WhatsApp

Virtual Stores

Give your products the visibility they need

Holiday themed stores
Share holiday-specific collections and make it easy for your customers to buy from the comforts of their phones.
Event centric stores
Integrate your product promotions with ongoing events to capture the attention of potential buyers while the excitement is at its peak.

Why Peach?

Convenience for your customers, loyalty for your brand

Fraction of a cost to build and maintain, outsized returns on acquisition and retention from your customers.

Cost effective growth
Boost Outreach
Drive Repeat Purchase
Effortless Campaigns
Personalized Shopping
Build Trust & Loyalty
Virtual stores on WhatsApp


Build, launch & grow 10x on WhatsApp

Peach will help you go from zero to having a thriving WhatsApp store in weeks.

Automated Campaigns
Eliminate repetitive tasks. From alerts and surveys to NPS and purchase reminders.
Inventory Sync
Sync your WhatsApp store with your inventory system for precise product listings and real-time availability.
Catalogue Integration
Showcase your products directly on WhatsApp for effortless browsing, and purchasing in a snap
CRM Integrations
Enhance customer relationships by integrating your CRM system to better understand and serve your audience.
Instant Customer Support
Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and ensure your success.
Custom Chatbots & Apps
Create tailored chatbots and apps to streamline customer interactions and internal processes, enhancing customer experiences.
Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Tailor your messages and offers to different customer segments, maximising your marketing efforts.
Hassle-free Transactions
Integrating secure payment gateways into your WhatsApp store, ensuring smooth and trustworthy transactions.

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