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Focus on engaging your audience, not template approvals, send limits and spam reports.

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Interactive Campaigns

Boost your engagement with interactive campaigns

Why stop with boring one-way messages, when you can turn your marketing communcation into interactive engagement. Allow your customers to browse products,

Interactive Campaigns.
Launch interactive forms, quizzes and polls in minutes. Allow your contacts to RSVP, share feedback or place orders from your campaigns.
Drip Campaigns
Use drip campaigns to automate customer journeys.
Enhance Customer Profile
Automatically enhance customer profiles using 2-way interactions, not guesswork and unreliable click-stream data.

Rich Media Formats

Share Beatiful, Engaging Content on WhatsApp

Go beyond standard WhatsApp messages and engage your audience using newsletters in the form of stories and posts.

Reusabe Message Templates
Send content without taking approvals every time you launch a campaign. Use Peach's pre-built message formats to share immersive content.
Share catalogs and announcements in beautiful story form messages.
Create & share long form content using in-built Post editor.
Rich Message Formats

Scale Your Outreach on WhatsApp

Reach out to millions of subscribers on WhatsApp with ease. Peach is here to help you scale your engagement on WhatsApp.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Track clicks, run A/B tests and track conversions. Improve your campaigns based on revenue generated.

  • Powerful Delivery Controls

    Schedule campaigns, split deliveries across days, or deliver them using multiple phone numbers.

  • Chat Automation

    Qualify leads or generate orders by creating and launching automated flows based on commands or frequent queries.

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