Better alternative to Wati

When it comes to building a loyal audience for your brand and delivering them personal experiences, there's only one clear winner.

Why choose Peach over Wati?

Peach is great for customer acquisition and retention.
And built for scale.

Aimed at building an audience

Not for sending bulk messages. WhatsApp is a personal space, and we will help your brand avoid spamming your subscribers.

Subscription Management

Subscription form to build your list. And subscription preferences for your subscribers, so they can opt-out anytime.

Opt-in Workflows

Automatically request consent from subscribers when you import lists to Peach.

Helps drive revenue through WhatsApp

Peach helps you target your audience for revenue growth. Acquire new customers or re-engage existing customers through targeted campaigns.

Powerful segmentation

Seamlessly target and re-target your audience based on their interactions with your content.

Automatic Click-tracking

Peach automatically tracks clicks so you know how effective your campaigns are.

Stories for better engagement

Send stories and make your conversations even more powerful.

Supercharge messages

Use rich media format to engage your audience beyond text messages.

Hundreds of templates

We’ve a range of pre-built story templates where you can simply plug your content and take them live in less than 30 sec.

Dedicated account manager (Wati charges $500/mo)

Getting started is challenging. That’s why, we allocate a dedicated account manager who will help you kickstart your WhatsApp Marketing journey.

Campaign Planning

Our account manager will understand your objectives and help plan your WhatsApp content and campaigns.

Custom Templates

Not happy with pre-built templates? Our account manager will get a custom template designed on request.

And more...

Free WhatsApp API approval

Free Green tick verification

Template verifications in under 2 mins

Mobile apps

Customer support on WhatsApp

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