Create and Share Beautiful Product Catalogues on WhatsApp

Super-easy to use - drag and drop user interface
Share them via interactive stories
Track data and drive 2x more sales

Share your product catalog in the form of stories

😇 Don't get stuck with default product catalogue options on WhatsApp.

🤩 Grab attention and sell better through interactive stories.

💪 Go beyond promotions and offers and sell products through product sneak-peeks, customer testimonials or founder notes.

Old Way

Default Product Catalog

Passive, not easy to find and same boring experience for every customer.

  • 🥱 Boring, monotonous messages

  • 🚫 Only one image/video per message

  • 😭 Video/Image automatically disappears after 15 days

  • 👎 Difficult to track user actions

  • 💔 Challenging to retarget users

New Way

Peach Product Catalog

Sell actively by curating products or promotions. Interactive catalogs that nourish your data.

  • 😍 Stunning story-like catalogs

  • ❤️ No limits on images/videos

  • 👍 Available forever

  • 😎 Track opens, clicks, and shares

  • 💯 Automatic segmentation based on user actions

3 simple steps to deliver stunning catalogs

Creating Story-form Product Catalogs will be a piece of 🍰 with Peach.

Drag & drop images or videos

Create catalogues simply by uploading product images. Add descriptions, price and links, and you're good to go.

Schedule it. Forget it.

Doesn't matter if it is weekdays or weekends. Get your catalogues delivered at your preferred time.

Track, retarget and close more sales

Keep tabs on clicks and reads. Reach out to customers that have expressed interested in your products and close more sales.

Ready to drive sales on WhatsApp? Send your first product catalogue in under 5 minutes.