Blog How to Increase your Send Limits on WhatsApp?

Sonakshi Deb Roy

If you're running a business on WhatsApp, you know how crucial it is to stay connected with your customer. And if you've ever found yourself wanting to send more messages on WhatsApp but hit a roadblock because of the app's limits, you're in the right place. Today, we're going to dive into some easy steps you can follow to increase these limits, so you can keep chatting and sharing with your customers without any hiccups. 

Imagine a world where you can send messages to your customers on WhatsApp without constantly hitting that annoying limit – sounds like a dream, right? Well, get ready to turn that dream into reality! We're here to help you, so you can send messages like a pro and make the most out of your WhatsApp business experience.

What Are WhatsApp Messaging Limits?

WhatsApp’s pricing is based on 24-hour message threads, which they call 'Conversations,' between you and your customers. You can kick off these Conversations anytime by sending either free-form messages or using one of the pre-approved template messages on your account.

Now, each of your phone numbers can start a certain number of conversations with customers every 24 hours which is referred to as the Messaging Limit. This limit is all about how many conversations are initiated by you as a business and is known as Business Initiated Conversations. The window to this starts when you send the first message to a customer, and it resets 24 hours later. 

Factors that determine your messaging limit:

  1. Phone Number Status 
  2. Number verification
  3. Quality Rating

If your business phone number doesn’t have a Connected Status or doesn't have an Approved Display Name, you'll be able to start up to 250 conversations with customers every 24 hours. This limit of 250 conversations applies to all phone numbers for businesses that haven't been verified yet, because WhatsApp does not approve Display Names until your business is verified. To know more about how to get verified on WhatsApp, check out this blog we published which is dedicated to getting verified on WhatsApp. 

So what really is “Connected Status”? When your quality rating reaches a low state or your phone number status changes, you'll receive an email and notification in your Facebook Business Manager as a warning. Your Status will change to Flagged or Restricted. Within 7 days of your status changing to Flagged, if your message quality rating reaches a medium or high level, your status will go back to Connected! If your quality rating doesn't improve, your number will still be restored to Connected status, though with a reduced messaging limit. To know more about WhatsApp’s quality rating read our blog on, “Complete Guide to WhatsApp Quality Rating

If the status of your business number is marked as Connected and your business display name has been approved, you can start 1000 unique conversations within a window of 24 hours. For every 1,000 unique customers you engage with, WhatsApp automatically and gradually increases your capacity. As mentioned earlier, this boost depends on the status and quality rating of your phone numbers, as well as the frequency of your conversations with new customers. Starts with 1k unique customers and can gradually get to unlimited.


  1. The messaging limit is not about the total number of messages your business can send, but is more focused on the number of unique individual users you plan to contact.
  2. Additionally, this limit does not affect messages that are sent in reply to messages initiated by users within a 24-hour window.

How to check your messaging limit? 

You can verify your existing messaging limit by following these steps: Navigate to WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab. The displayed panel will show the limit if it has been changed from the default limit. 

How To Increase WhatsApp Messaging Limits?

Increasing the messaging limits on WhatsApp Business is a crucial aspect for growing businesses that rely on this platform for customer communication and marketing. WhatsApp Business offers a tiered messaging limit system, which means new accounts start with a lower limit that can be increased over time based on usage and quality ratings

  1. Tier System: WhatsApp Business operates on a tier system for messaging limits. To increase your limit, you need to advance to a higher tier by maintaining a high quality rating and sending a significant volume of messages. The tiers are:

    Tier 1: Allows you to message 1K unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

    Tier 2: Extends this limit to 10K unique customers.

    Tier 3: Further extends the limit to 100K unique customers.

  2. Click to WhatsApp Ads: Utilise click-to-WhatsApp advertisements to initiate conversations rather than immediate sales. Many businesses deploy these ads to highlight deals, but immediate purchases from a website are rare. Focus on using these ads for engaging conversations and creating qualified leads. Initiate the interaction with a welcoming message, employing WhatsApp's interactive list message format to gather insights. For instance, in a discount scenario, inquire about their interest in men's, women's, or kids' collections. This approach fosters a more meaningful connection with potential customers.
  3. Use Template Messages for Initiation: For initiating conversations with customers outside the 24-hour window, use pre-approved template messages. This helps in maintaining compliance with WhatsApp's policies and in turn improves your number’s quality rating
  4. Get Verified: Get your WhatsApp business account verified as it is the best and simplest way to quickly increase your WhatsApp send limits. Get in touch with WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSP) to get your account verified instead of going through the process yourself. BSP’s like Peach help you get your account verified super swiftly
  5. Gather Customer Feedback: To increase the WhatsApp business messaging limit, it's crucial to prioritise gathering customer feedback. Engaging with customers through WhatsApp provides a direct and personal avenue for understanding their needs, preferences, and experiences. Start by sending out surveys or feedback forms through WhatsApp, ensuring these interactions are interactive and user-friendly. Use features like quick reply buttons to make it easy for customers to respond. Regularly collecting and analysing this feedback helps in tailoring your services or products more effectively, demonstrating a high level of customer interaction, which is a key factor WhatsApp considers for increasing messaging limits.
  6. Actively Respond to Queries: It is essential to actively respond to customer queries. By doing so, you demonstrate your commitment to customer service and engagement, which is a key factor WhatsApp considers when determining messaging limits. Timely and effective responses to customer inquiries not only build trust and rapport with your clients but also signal to WhatsApp that your business account is being used responsibly and for genuine interaction. This consistent interaction shows that your business is making the most out of the platform, which can positively influence your number’s quality and messaging capabilities.
  7. Securing Sufficient WhatsApp Opt-ins: Focus on obtaining a substantial number of opt-ins from your customers. Opt-ins are a clear indicator of customer interest and consent, allowing you to send them messages via WhatsApp. To maximise opt-ins, ensure that your opt-in process is straightforward and easily accessible. This could involve integrating opt-in options on your website, within your app, or through your existing communication channels like email or SMS. Highlight the benefits of opting in, such as receiving exclusive updates, offers, or support, to encourage more users to subscribe.
  8. Constant Evaluation of Your Campaign Performance: This involves regularly analysing key metrics such as delivery rates, read rates, response rates, and customer engagement levels. By closely monitoring these metrics, you can identify areas where your campaigns are excelling and areas that require improvement. Consistent evaluation helps in understanding the audience better and tailoring your messages to meet their preferences and needs. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns but also demonstrates to WhatsApp that your business is committed to maintaining high-quality communication with your customers.

Increasing your WhatsApp Message Limit seeming like a tough nut to crack? 

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